La Cavalerie

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Situated next to the ancient route passing across the plateau from north to south and so uniting the Orient and the Occident from the Mediterranean ports, La Cavalerie finds its vocation in the cultivable land of the Temple plain and the immense expanses that surround it. The village of the Hospitallers still exists but it is difficult to see at first. Informed visitors will know how to discover it and all its riches: fortified walls and imposing entry gate, 17th and 18th century houses. in the surprising 18th century church whose interior resembles that of the stone vaulted sheep barns, the vestiges of the Templar church are piously conserved. 220m of sentry-walkway is accessible with the local guide.
Templar and Hospitaller village on the Larzac: fortified walls and its imposing entrance gate, 18th and 17th century houses, 18th century church. Village founded by the Knights Templar.


Point Accueil des remparts
Rue de La Ville
La Cavalerie 12230
Tél. établissement: +330565627873