The wine presses and the rock tombs in Savignac
The wine presses and the rock tombs in Savignac

The wine presses and the rock tombs in Savignac

History and heritage
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A large half-day hiking loop that leads you around one of the seven hills surrounding Saint-Affrique and gives you the opportunity to explore, through the undergrowth and clearings, the ancient remains of an early human settlement.

The caroligian press in Savignac which is hollowed out of the rock in the form of an escutcheon, the Cazotte old wine press and the six rock tombs in the Puech Capel woodland are the highlights of this long hiking circuit. You will enjoy some splendid views over Saint- Affrique, the Caylus rock and the village of Vabres l’abbaye during the course of a mostly shady hike.


  1. From the Pastoralia car park, walk back to the road and cross it, then take the small lane opposite that runs along the left side of the equestrian centre.
  2. At the intersection, take a path that runs alongside a small house. You leave this path very quickly to take a narrow track to the right which runs between two trees. Walk alongside the brook for approximately 350 m, then take a hairpin bend to the left and walk uphill through the oak grove.
  3. Climb over the fence by the cattle grid. Keep walking up the slope through the undergrowth, follow the markings. When you reach the second trail, go to the right for a few metres and climb a small bank. Follow the markings up to a fence, climb over it next to the cattle grid.               
  4. Follow the trail to the right. At the water reservoir, follow the path to the left and ascend to the intersection.
  5. Take the path to the left that follows the contour line and leads to the Cazotte winepress. Enjoy the views over Saint-Affrique and Vabres l’Abbaye, the remains of the wine press which displays two carved faces on the southern façade (walk around the rock on the left). From the winepress, walk uphill, go across a clearing until you join a wide trail. Take that trail to the left for a few metres, then take the rising stony path to the right until you reach the edge of the woodland.
  6. Walk along the small field on the left-hand side, carry on for 200 m on a trail following the edge of the field, and then turn right onto a path running between two fields (follow the fence line). At the end of the field, take a left onto the trail that leads to the edge of the Puech-Capel wood where a signposted track gives access to a necropolis with six rock tombs (walk there and back).
  7. Walk back to the trail on the left up to an intersection with another trail, then go down to the left for about 50 m.
  8. Take the descending logging trail to the left along to a curve. From there, head onto the path opposite and follow the markings that pass the remains of old dwellings and leads to the beautiful wine press in Savignac. The path gently slopes down to the road.
  9. Take this road to the left for approximately 1 km. Before the hamlet of Savignac, follow a trail to the left that overlooks the village.
  10. After about 500 m, leave the trail and take a path that runs to the right and goes over a slab (be cautious!). Notice the few remains of an ancient watering system. Follow the markings on the path up to the agricultural college. Keep walking along the contour line until you reach the fence, climb over the fence by the cattle grid. Reconnect with the path you took when starting the hike and retrace your steps back to the car park.
Source: The Cardabelles Association 


Departure : Pastoralia carpark in Saint-Affrique
Arrival : Pastoralia carpark in Saint-Affrique
Towns crossed : Saint-Affrique

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Avenue de Lauras, 12250 Roquefort/Soulzon


Situated in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the cheese village of Roquefort stretches on the hillside over the famous scree of the Combalou Rock, in southern Larzac. The village is at an elevation of 630 m and has 700 inhabitants.


The Tourist Office is open all year round:

  • In July and August, Monday to Saturday: 9.30 to 18.30, Sunday: 10.00 to 17.00.
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  • January, February, November, December; Monday to Friday: 9.30 to 12.15 & 13.00 to 17.00, closed on Saturday and Sunday.
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Access and parking

First go to Saint-Affrique which is situated on the RD 999 road linking Millau with Albi. At the traffic light intersection towards Albi, turn to the right in the direction of Les Cazes.

Parking :

Pastoralia carpark in Saint-Affrique

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