In the heart of Causse
La Couvertoirade

In the heart of Causse

History and heritage
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Outside of the Templar wall of La Couvertoirade, a pleasant expedition on the southern fringe of the Larzac Aveyronnais, in an arid landscape scattered with boxwoods and junipers.

La Couvertoirade, a Templar pearl, suggests you discovering the surrounding Larzac causse, following box hedges, rocky chaos and vast expanses. Walk in a dreamlike landscape: at the beginning of the summer, angel hair (stipa pennata), magnificent silky ears, and the scent of honeysuckles increase the unspeakable charm a little more.

3 points of interest

  • Architecture

    The ramparts

    La Couvertoirade preserves all its walls, built in the mid-fifteenth century. As early as 1346, robbers called "routiers" plunder the Larzac. Because of fear of the armed gangs, villagers were asking in 1439 the permission to fortify the village. The construction continued until 1445 under the direction of master mason Déodat d'Alaus.

    This wall of 420 m long and 1.30 m of thickness is pierced by arrow slits and is surmounted by a walkway.

    Sources: Information Office of La Couvertoirade.

  • History and heritage

    The Scipione House

    This house built in the end of 15th century has a superb mullion window and a turret added in the 17th century, which suggest the wealth of the owners.
    The Information Office of the village is located in this house, which owes its name from one of its owners (Sir Scipion Sabde’s widow,   nicknamed “La Scipione”. Inside, a superb vaulted room served as a sheepfold. It‘s possible to visit the floors and the spiral staircase leading to it also gives access to the walkway.

  • Small heritage

    The oven

    This oven owes its name to the tax people had to pay for using it: this tax was called “la banalité”.

    Built in the 15th century by the Hospitallers and restored in 2000s. Today, it works and batches are regularly made by the village baker.


  1. After the visit of the Templar site of La Couvertoirade, exit by the North door. Follow on the right for 200 meters the small road to a cross (776m). Oblique left. At the crossroads, take the D185 on 800 meters.
  2. Turn right onto a dirt road.
  3. Before an intersection of tracks, turn left on an old path that joins a track. Turn left and join the small road to La Salvetat at a bend. Turn left and go down to the underpass. Go under the motorway and turn left on the old Roman road to a grove.
  4. Turn left, go down to the motorway fence, follow it to the left, take the underground passage, cross the D185 and take in front a path lined with low walls and boxwoods which leads back to La Couvertoirade.
  • Departure : La Couvertoirade
  • Arrival : La Couvertoirade
  • Towns crossed : La Couvertoirade

Altimetric profile


Signs between 1 and 3 : White - Red

Signs between 3 and 4 : Yellow

Signs between 4 and 1 :  White - Red

Take water.

Is in the midst of the park
This itinerary is located in the World Heritage zone Causses and Cévennes, mediterranean agropastoral cultural landscape.

Information desks

Tourist Office Larzac et Vallées

Place du Claux, 12230 NANT

Located on the ground floor of the Town Hall (mansion of the 18th century), The Tourist Office welcomes you all year and offers tourist information on the Larzac and its valleys, the department of Aveyron, and also on neighboring counties. Free Wifi access.

Opening hours :

From Novembre to February: Tuesday morning 9:00-12:30
March and October :  Tuesday to Friday 9:00-12:30
April : Tuesday to Friday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
May, June : Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
July and August : every day 10:00-12:30 and 14:30-18:00
September : Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30

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Access and parking

La Couvertoirade, 42 km  south-east of Millau by the D809 (or by the A75 motorway) and the D185

Parking :

At the entrance of the village (you have to pay for the parking)


C.C. Larzac et Vallées - CDRP Aveyron

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