The Hospitallers trail
The Hospitallers trail

The Hospitallers trail

History and heritage
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Across woodlands and causses, walk in the footsteps of the knights Hospitaller who over the course of their presence in southern Rouergue from the 12th to 16th centuries have left their mark on the landscape.

Saint-Félix-de-Sorgues welcomes you to enjoy a hike through an area mostly covered by forests. Follow the path of these medieval soldier monks and explore a rich heritage: old washing place and gothic bridge in the village, forester's house and Borie farm. Before the return to the banks of the river Sorgues, take right a fork that leads to the chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Cayla which is erected on a rocky spur.

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History and heritage

Village of Saint-Felix-de-Sorgues

The village was a Commandery ruled by the Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem. It is built midway up the slope and the remains of the battlements are still visible today: along with a gateway, a tower with gothic openings, and ancient houses…

North of the village is a walking route called “le circuit des Hospitaliers” which is marked with yellow P.R. signs, and allows bikers on peak form to extend their ride: this 12 km-long walking route is rather strenuous but provides lot of fun and some nice panoramic viewpoints.

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  1. In the village walk along the main street for 50m towards Cornus up to the point where the street begins to slope down. Take the path on your left that goes up the right side of the vale with a stream running through it. Carry along this path that gradually rises up to the plateau leading to a cross from which a beautiful view over the valley can be enjoyed. Keep on walking along the trail for 300 m up to the junction.
  2. At the intersection, take the trail to your right and 500 m further on turn left onto a sunken path up to Mascourbe. When you reach the road, walk to your right until you reach the Borie farm.
  3. A bit further on from the farm, leave the road taking the path that slopes up towards the plateau. Follow this path which turns into a forest road and leads to the Lacalm forester's house.
  4. Just before the forester's house take the path on your left that leads down to the valley.
  5. When you reach a small platform, turn to your right and make a detour to Notre Dame du Cayla chapel. From the chapel, walk back to the junction and carry on along a steep downhill track until you reach the D7 road which you follow until you reach Saint-Felix de Sorgues.
Departure : Saint-Félix-de-Sorgues
Arrival : Saint-Félix-de-Sorgues
Towns crossed : Saint-Félix-de-Sorgues, Versols-et-Lapeyre

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Box tree moths are active from May to October. During the caterpillar phase, they feed on the leaves of box trees. They crawl down trees and move on long silken threads, although these threads are annoying when hiking they do not pose any health risk
Is in the midst of the park
This itinerary is located in the World Heritage zone Causses and Cévennes, mediterranean agropastoral cultural landscape.

Information desks

Avenue de Lauras, 12250 Roquefort/Soulzon


Situated in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the cheese village of Roquefort stretches on the hillside over the famous scree of the Combalou Rock, in southern Larzac. The village is at an elevation of 630 m and has 700 inhabitants.


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Access and parking

In Saint-Affrique take the D7 towards Cornus / Vallée de la Sorgues for 15 km. Saint-Félix-de-Sorgues is the 3rd village along the road through the valley.

Parking :

On the church square


Communauté de communes du St-Affricain

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