Notre-Dame du Cayla path
Notre-Dame du Cayla path

Notre-Dame du Cayla path

History and heritage
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Take your walking stick and go for a stroll along the national forest of La Calm to reach a small Romanesque chapel which overlooks the Sorgues valley from the top of its rocky promontory.

The fortified village of Versols is the starting point of this hike and offers a convenient access to a traditional pilgrimage site. From stony paths to tracks through the forest, this route leads you up to Notre-Dame du Cayla, a discreet building perched on a limestone spur. A hiking loop full of charm throughout the Sorgues valley.       

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Castle and remains of fortification walls

The Roquefeuil family lived here over a period of eight centuries, from 1250 to 1810, the date on which the owning family had to sell the castle. The building was then sold to different owners and part of it was converted into a farmhouse. Then in 1962, a couple from the Roquefeuil family bought back the stronghold.

The castle and the whole of the old village were included in a walled area called a castrum which spread out between the Sorgues and the Verzolet rivers. The castrum was originally composed (11th century) of only a small castle that was later extended during the 13th or 14th century to protect people from the clashes during the One Hundred Years War.
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  1. After the bridge, turn to the right, then after 50m take a left turn to follow the rue de la ville. Once you’ve passed through the arch walk uphill to the right, then to the left. After 100 m you reach the junction of Notre Dame du Cayla from where we will later walk back to our cars.
  2. Carry on your way on a gently rising path and reach another fork.
  3. Take a track to the right that turns into a rather steep and stony path. 200 m further on, on the right, leave this path that winds is way up to the Montgrand cross. Keep going until you reach the edge of the national forest. Walk along the edge of the forest to the right, then follow an alley to the left that runs up to the forester's house of La Calm.
  4. After the forester's house, take a winding trail to the right until you reach an intersection.
  5. Turn to the right towards Notre-Dame-du- Cayla chapel. Walk downhill to the right towards the ravine of La Calm. After three hairpin bends, cross the ravine and go to the right bank of the river where you reach an intersection.
  6.  Keep going to the right on a gently rising path. Walk through the woodland area, then walk along the edge of the fields up to Versols.
Departure : Carpark is set on the left bank of the Sorgues River, on the other side of bridge in Versols-et-Lapeyre
Arrival : Carpark is set on the left bank of the Sorgues River, on the other side of bridge in Versols-et-Lapeyre
Towns crossed : Versols-et-Lapeyre

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Box tree months are active from May to October. During the caterpillar phase, they feed on the leaves of box trees. They crawl down trees and move on long silken threads, although these threads are annoying when hiking they do not pose any health risk

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Avenue de Lauras, 12250 Roquefort/Soulzon


Situated in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park, the cheese village of Roquefort stretches on the hillside over the famous scree of the Combalou Rock, in southern Larzac. The village is at an elevation of 630 m and has 700 inhabitants.


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Saint-Affrique is situated 31 km South-West from Millau via the D992 and D999, then head toward Versols-et-Lapeyre     

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