Oppidum du Larzac
Oppidum du Larzac

Oppidum du Larzac

History and heritage
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Family walk accessible to all with beautiful viewpoints on the valley and Millau.

Discover the Oppidum of la Granède on a promontory of the causse du Larzac. On the way, a panorama on the Causse Noir, the Viaduct and the Gorges of the Dourbie.

2 points of interest

  • Panorama

    Panorama on the Causse Noir (Limestone Plateau), the Lévézou, Millau, the Viaduct of Millau and the Gorges of the Dourbie valley

    The Cauuse Noir (Limestone Plateau) established with shaded forests - in which its name - and big spaces, possess many spectacular landscapes, among which, the Chaos of Montpellier-le-vieux and the cave of Dargilan.


    The Lévézou is known for its lakes and the city of insects Micropolis at Saint Léons.


    The Viaduct of Millau, inaugurated in 2004, has the world record for hight with a pylone over the valley of 343 meters.


    Over the water, the descent by canoe on the Dourbie valley is the ideal way to submerge in a wild and authentic landscape.

  • Archeology

    Oppidum of la Granède

    Dominating the city of Millau, the Oppidum of la Granède extends on a promontory advance on the aspect North side of the Causse du Larzac.  Fortified and strategic area implanted on the hights at the limit between cauuse and valley, permitted to keep a close watch towards the South on the roads coming from the causse and the trafics and exchanges between the south and the north.


    The city of Millau contributes with the department at the archeological construction of the Oppidum of la Granède that updated the remains of a christian church and antiques substructures.


  1. Drive into the tunnel to pass under the D809 then turn right towards l'école du larzac. After the sign of the school, take the path that goes along on the left side. Go over a first fence , then further on, an other fence and abandon the track on the left. The path goes through oak woods and fields edges in border of the causse (Limestone plateau). Further down on the left, climb until another obstacle. A few meters after, reach the panoramic viewpoint on the top of Millau (View on the Lévézou and the Causse Noir).
  2. The path continues in direction of the second promontory on the top of Millau. Caution at the edge of the cliff.           Go over an obstacle and 100 m further, reach an intersection.
  3. Make a 10 minutes round-trip to discover the Oppidum of la Granède ruins. Keep on the path at the edge of the plateau an go over the following obstacle.
  4. Then go ahead on the leftside, on a small path which travels the plateau in the direction of the D809. Before the ruins of Coulons, fork litely on the left to find a shaded path. Turn left and go along the D809 until the first intersection.
  5. Continue on the paved road in paralel with the D809 to get back to the departure.
  • Departure : Road of the Larzac Farm (Ferme du Larzac), Millau
  • Arrival : RRoad of the Larzac Farm (Ferme du Larzac), Millau
  • Towns crossed : Millau

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Information desks

Tourist Office Millau Grands Causses

1, place du Beffroi, 12100 MILLAU



05 65 60 02 42

Access and parking

7 km from Millau, on the D 809 in direction of Montpellier; turn left towards Pierrefiche, Saint Martin du Larzac. Parking 20m further on the left.

More information


Communauté de communes Millau Grands Causseshttp://www.millau-sports-nature.fr/

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